Although we compile the information on this website with the utmost care, the requirements for visas, passports and legalizations can change at any time without prior notice. We are not always immediately aware of such changes. We therefore can not guarantee that the information on this website is fully accurate at all times. Indications of processing times and costs for visa applications are intended as an indication and not guaranteed. If the website indicates that no visa is required for a certain combination of nationality and travel destination, we recommend that you verify this information with your airline and the relevant embassy / consulate.

D&D PLUS recommends that you arrange your visa before you travel. If information is given on visas that you can obtain on arrival, we advise you to verify this information with the airline and the embassy or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before you travel. Do not confirm your travel plans before you have the required visa or passport, unless this is a specific requirement from the relevant Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In such cases, we advise you to make arrangements regarding the return of your payment.